On Saturday, December 8, 2018 under the patronage of the local authorities and institutions, Alessandro Galanti presented his new creation in the famous “Kraler” square in Cortina: “Mother Nature”, a golden woman figure mounted on a spruce stump uprooted during the last flood in the Belluno area. A net that recalls natural fibers, the lifeblood of every plant. A hymn to life and not giving up in the face of suffering: an invitation to respect nature in all its forms.

“Man lives within nature and often has the pretension and arrogance to dictate his own rules to an element like nature. However, sometimes this can not happen and nature rebels against man and itself by dictating its rules and restoring the balance…” declared the artist nurturing a deep love and respect for nature and the mountains. in particular. “When I first imagined an artwork around Mother Nature, I imagined a nymph, with the body of a woman, prosperous and busty, because nature is generous and abundant. Mother Nature, that comes out of the trunk of a tree, has an elegant, vertical shape, which wants to dictate a line of equilibrium, vertical in fact. It is a balance that comes from above, necessary for mankind as a point of reference and as a reminder to understand how to live nature in harmony, without bringing violence to it, to avoid this violence can turn against us…”

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