Alessandro Galanti was born in Monza on April 13th 1975, to a Sicilian father and a Lombard mother. He completed his high school education in Mechanics at the Salesiani school in Milan and he graduated in 2003 with a degree in Business Economics from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.


Alessandro was raised in the family’s own precision mechanics company which was founded in 1969 in the province of Milan. He realised some years ago that the time had come for him to harness his experience and keen understanding of the field in order to forge his own path ahead in search of new means of expressing his creative and artistic sense and talent.


Milan’s unmistakable sophistication and flair for design provide the perfect environment for Alessandro’s own refined aesthetic vision to blossom and emerge. His unique artworks of contemporary design blend elements that embrace and narrate life and love in all their guises, and he further embellishes them by using 24 karat gold. The texture used as the base for his creations is made from fibres from the prickly pear and lotus plants; once these have been dried out, they present a mesh effect where light and shade can play and create marvellous subtle effects.


In October 2017, Alessandro participates in, and wins a prize for artistic merit, in the Biennale di Milano exhibition, the international art meeting organised by Salvo Nugnes, the agent and promoter, and curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, the well-known art critic.


March 2018 sees Alessandro taking part in the international Biennale delle Nazioni, Venice Art Expo, held in the Grande Scuola delle Misericordia di Venezia. Here, where the panel of judges can boast the presence of one of Italy’s most renowned art critics, Luca Beatrice, he wins the three prizes in the sculpture category.

In late 2018 he presented his first monumental artwork at Senato in Rome, an Homàge to a victim of femicide to promote the culture of no-violence against women.

During the “Cortina Fashion Weekend 2K18”, one of the most important international winter-fashion event sponsored by Franz Kraler, “Mother
Nature” , a hymn to life, underlined the importance of the relationship between man and environment.


In June 2019 he takes part in the Biennale di Mantova exhibition hosted by the prestigious Museo Diocesano “Francesco Gonzaga” and in July 2020 he wins the firts edition of “Biennale del mare ‘20” at Bellaria Igea Marina.

Prof. Alberto D'Atanasio - Art Historian and Director of the Modigliani Museum

Alessandro Galanti's life experiences and artistic training have led him to contemplate nature in all its infinitesimal details and thus discover the limitless beauty of the universe. He too, just as Salvatore Quasimodo in his "Mirror" poem, has created forms in which the surface detail harmonises with everything, from the skilfully measured lighting to the chromium platings, the alchemy of gold and silver, the shapes which go beyond immanence and are penetrated by space. The sophisticated design of his artwork is interwoven with the emotions of that age-old yet ageless poetry which distinguishes those who are able to find infinite greatness when contemplating the most minute details.

Dott. Salvo Nugnes - Direttore Agenzia Promoter Manager di personaggi del mondo della cultura e dello spettacolo

Alessandro Galanti riesce a far sì che in unica opera si fondi magnificamente il mondo dell’arte con quello del design. Le sue geniali creazioni raccontano la sua storia, il suo personale percorso e la sua originale sensibilità. Le sfere dorate, create dal metallo con placcatura in oro, effondono una luce diffusa e si combinano con altri materiali plasmandosi in un’emozione pura che riesce a sorprendere ogni volta che le si osservano. La sua arte comunica suggestione poetica e le sue composizioni, grazie agli effetti luminosi, riflettono un’incantevole caleidoscopio di sensazioni.