Love and progeny (Love and offspring)

The story of a couple, Prospero and Sofia, and their love for one another.
Two half faces to symbolise a true, unique and rare love. The love of a couple consecrating 50 years of union and sharing, of great mutual respect, of knowing how to listen to each other and how to look at and to see each other.

By touching their faces, I came into contact with their lives and their age.
Seeing them, meeting them and caressing their faces allowed me to share in their experience, woven from love and forgiveness, giving and taking, and knowing how to listen to each other. Whilst working I was thinking of the origin of their love, so I also wanted to put in evidence of their ancestry and their descendants. Enrica and Salvo were born from their love. As it was Enrico who asked me to create this artwork, so his family also figures in it: the handprints of Enrico, his wife Lucia and their children, Nicoletta and Federico are there to represent progeny. The index finger and the thumb become gull-like wings that flutter free: golden genes that fly around the world. The olive wood base tells the story of their life experience, their land, their Sicilian roots. A healthy life consisting of solid values and traditions.