Soaring dreams

“Soaring Dreams” is the expression of our desire to grow up whilst at the same time we realise that we must never lose sight of our dreams and it is imperative to try to live them every single day.

“Soaring Dreams” is a sublimely evocative and symbolic work of art which expresses the attainment of a fine, all-important sense of balance.
Here we have the juxtaposition of wood, an element in continuous evolution which symbolises our need for growth and life, and of metal, with its gift of strength and structure, to keep us solidly on the ground.

We see a young maiden, intent on blowing soap bubbles and leaning forwards as if in youthful chase. Exquisite soap bubbles materialise before our very eyes, and each single, delicate, transparent sphere encapsulates our childhood dreams, our talents, our wishes and our aspirations.

The young girl, depicted here with a hat like Peter Pan’s, is the incarnation of that guileless side of each person. This artwork stresses the importance of guarding the beauty of childhood in our hearts by embracing life in un uncomplicated fashion, with simplicity and clarity.