On 6 October 2021 Alessandro Galanti had the privilege of meeting Pope Francis in General Audience. A few minutes full of meaning and indescribable feelings and emotions, the realization of a dream: to donate the Holy Father a unique artwork, “The Motherhood of the Virgin Mary”.

And She conceived by the Holy Spirit.

“I created the artwork “The Motherhood of the Virgin Mary” after hearing this part of the Creed thousands and thousands of times during the Mass,” said Alessandro. “I clearly remember that some time ago, during a particular Mass, I had this singular artistic vision. This is one of the most intimate artworks that I have shaped because it encompasses everything I have lived as an experience of Faith in the Catholic Faith; within motherhood is first of all enclosed my reason for living which is the Faith in Christ… I had the chance to present some of my artworks in institutional contexts, but this opportunity, for a practicing Catholic like me, is an immense joy “.

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